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F-238112 INA Eccentric bearing 238112 Non - standard bearing

Model: F-238112 bearing

old model : 238112 bearing

Cage:No cage bearing

Inside:6.9 mm

Outside:18.8 mm

Thickness:13.2 mm

Weight(kg):0.069 KG


Product Details

F-238112 INA Eccentric bearing 238112 Non - standard bearing

F-238112 INA Eccentric bearing old model is 238112,No cage, full rolling body. Bearing Inside diameter d=6.9 mm,bearing Outside diameter D=18.8 mm,bearing Thickness T/B=13.2 mm,bearing weight 0.069 KG,Non - standard bearings

We export F-238112 INA Eccentric bearing and relative products with on-time delivery, superior quality and the most reasonable price . 

If you need series relating to F-238112 INA Eccentric bearing or technical data and relative drawings of F-238112 INA Eccentric bearing,Please call or email us with your request.

F-238112 INA Eccentric bearing basic dimensions and specification:

New Model/Bearing number:
F-238112 Bearing
Old Model/Old number:
F-238112 Bearing
Inside diameter (ID d):
6.9 mm
Outside diameter (OD D):
18.8 mm
Thickness/width (T/B/H):
13.2 mm
Basic dynamic load rating (Cr):
Basic static load rating (Cor):
Reference speed (Grease rpm):
Limiting speed (Oil rpm):
Weight, Mass (M):
0.069 KG
INA Bearing


1. Packaging Detail of bearing F-238112:according to your requirement or HOJE package: plastic bag/plastic tube + single box+carton + plywood pallets
2. Delivery Detail of F-238112 bearing :within 3-7 days after confirmed this order
3. Payment term of F-238112 Bearing and our products:western union,T/T


1. Cheap price with good quality, Good sales in the market.
2. We use the good quality grease make sure the bearing can turn smooth and the life can be longer.
3. OEM service, you can make your logo in F-238112 bearing or send your design sample to us, we can do the customization for you.

BELOW IS THE PICTURE OF F-238112 INA Eccentric bearing:

F-238112 bearing

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