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INA FF2535ZW Bearing, FF2535ZW Needle roller and cage assemblies

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INA FF2535ZW Bearing, FF2535ZW Needle roller and cage assemblies

INA FF2535ZW bearing is linear flat roller bearings, flat needle roller and cage assemblies, Linear needle roller flat cage. For INA FF2535ZW bearing, two rows of needle rollers are configured in the cage and the cage has an elastic joint on its center so as to enable to bend two rows of flat rollers to any optional angle at the elastic joint by heating them in oil of 70 to 90˚C. The two roller rows bent to any optional angle can hold the bent shape unchanged, even under normal operating temperature, by being cooled down for several seconds, with the bending angle held unchanged. 
INA FF2535ZW bearing cage made of polyamide resin is provided with grooved joint at its both ends so several cages can be jointed together into one unit.
INA FF2535ZW bearing is INA FF...ZW type linear needle roller flat cage bearing, We also can provide INA FF type  linear needle roller flat cage bearing such as FF2010 Bearing, FF2515 bearing, FF3020 bearing, FF3525 bearing and so on.

Below is the detailed information on INA FF2535ZW bearing :

Bearing Number FF2535ZW Bearing
Dw1 (mm)
b (mm) 15
B (mm)
L (mm)
LW (mm)
a (mm)
Cr (N)
Cor (N)
number of rollers
E (mm)
H (mm)
Weight (KG) 0.0082

The picturer of FF2535ZW linear needle roller flat cage :

linear needle roller flat cage

ff2535 bearing

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