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linear motion slide block bearing SCS40UU 40mm Linear Ball Bearing for CNC

Material : GCR15 Certification : ISO9001:2008 MOQ : 1 pcs Delivery Time : 3-15 days Payment : Western Union,L/C,T/T,Paypal Supply Ability : 100000 PCS/Month Sample : Available

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linear motion slide block bearing SCS40UU 40mm Linear Ball Bearing for CNC

Linear bearing is a low-cost production of linear motion system for unlimited travel in conjunction with the cylinder axis. Since carrying the ball point contact with the shaft, so the use of small loads. With minimal friction ball rotation, which can obtain high-precision smooth movement.Low noise, low friction, high precision, high life.Because of point contact between ball and straight axis, friction small, motion precision is high.

Linear bearings are used in conjunction with hardened linear shaft. For an infinite linear motion systems. Ball and hardened shaft because it is the point of contact, allowing the load is small, but the linear motion of the minimum friction, high precision, fast movement. Mainly used for linear motion passed.


Linear motion guide rail and block TBR/SBR Series with smooth surface, little friction,low noise,they are widely used in linear motion system.For example, punch, tool grinding machine,automatic cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, Food Packing Machine, other sliding parts on industrial machinery.


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