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wheel hub bearing HB613123 /OEM 40202-ej70b for hyundai and kia nissan toyota

Model NO.: HB613123 Material: Chrome Steel Certification: ISO9001, ISO9006 ABS: With ABS Application: Honda OEM: Accepted Trademark: HOJE HS Code: 8482103000 Type: Wheel Hub Bearing Tolerance

Product Details

wheel hub bearing HB613123 /OEM 40202-ej70b  for  hyundai and kia nissan toyota

Wheel hub bearing HB613123 /OEM 40202-ej70b  for  hyundai and kia nissan toyota is on sale. We are the professional China bearing supplier for wheel hub bearing HB613123 /OEM 40202-ej70b  for  hyundai and kia nissan toyota, if you need wheel hub bearing HB613123 /OEM 40202-ej70b  for  hyundai and kia nissan toyota,please be free to contact us,we will quote you our best price for wheel hub bearing HB613123 /OEM 40202-ej70b  for  hyundai and kia nissan toyota.

LinQing HOJE Bearing Co., Ltd is specialized in the production of the bearings. Our bearings are widely used by big mechanical corporations. We have more than 16 years experience in bearing industry, owning first-class automatic equipment, rigorous quality control system, professional staff and after-sale service group. Sincerely invite you to visit us. Thanks.

Detailed information about HB613123 /OEM 40202-ej70b

Product Name wheel bearing for infiniti OEM 40202-ej70b
Packege original package Application infiniti fx35
Material steel Certification CE
Quality A quality Warranty 1 years
Item Name wheel hub bearing Sample yes
Shipping by sea/by air / by express MOQ 1 Piece
Model Number 40202-ej70b EXW Price USD 60.00
Payment T/T, Western Union Port guangzhou

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Model Number Germany Sweden Japan Size Weight
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d D B C
DAC38700037 BAHB636193C 38BWD19 38.1 70 37 37 0.56 E Daihastu CHARADE
DAC38700038 686908A 38BWD21CA53 38 70 38 38 0.57 B Charde Front
DAC38710033/30 FW135 38BWD09ACA120 37.99 71.02 30 33 0.5 D TOYOTAPASE
DAC38710039 VKBA3929 38BWD22 37.99 71 39 39 0.62 C Toyota YARlS 99-
DAC38720034 VKBA1381 38BWD04CA60 38 72.04 34 34 0.54 D Honda
DAC38720036/33 38BWD12 38 72 33 36
DAC38720236/33 FW128/ 38BWD12 37.99 72.02 33 36 0.56 D Honda,Rover,Toyo
DAC38720040 575069B VKBA1377 38 72 40 40 0.63 B Honda
DAC38730040 VKBA3245 38BWD26E 38 73 40 40 0.67 B Honda fit
DAC38740036/33 574795A DAD3874368W 38BWD01ACA121 38 74 33 36 0.61 Toyota CELlCA
DAC38740036/33 574795A FW114/ 38BWD15A 38 74 33 36 0.61 Toyota CELlCA
DAC38740236/33 BAH-0041 38BWD01A1 37.99 74.02 33 36 0.59 D Toyota
DAC38740050 FW116/ 38BWD06 38 74 50 50 0.85 A Nissan
DAC38740450 559192 38 74.04 50 50 0.85 A Nissan,Chysrle

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